San Diego’s Best Beer Restaurant


We started with a passion. A passion to bring great people together to enjoy great food and beer. Pair that with special events like Trivia Night, live UFC fights, football & baseball games — now that’s a winning combo!


Balboa’s has 32 rotating beer taps with local favorites and national greats to try whenever you want.  We also have s a full selection of bottles & specialty brews, as well as a great wine selection.


Our food menu features Balboa’s one-and-only “Drunken Pig” items, all which include delicious beer infused pork. We proudly serve Boar’s Head meat in all our hand crafted sandwiches and have a many other items on the menu.


Best place in San Diego to get a good pint of beer. They have 32 beers on draft! Cost per pint $6-$8. Location: hidden in the corner of a stripmall next to Sprouts Market Decor: Total dive bar Where you will most likely find locals hanging out. No empty bar stools available on a Monday afternoon at 3:30pm!

Our first time here was for their customer appreciation day featuring $3 pints! Now, this is not representative of their daily prices, but Balboa’s is a great tap room nonetheless. They have a HUGE selection of beers on tap (probably ~30 or more) and perfect bar food to help quell the beer munchies after a few drinks. Food wise, would highly recommend the heart attack fries – price is a little steep, but it’s a large portion and packed full of hot jalapenos and hot links.

Been coming here for a few years now and it’s a great place to stop in for a craft beer! Especially when you get out of the DMV after waiting to do your vehicle/ vessel business. Calming the nerves is normally required after dealing with the DMV, as it is with other government institutions.

Meet Our Staff

The only thing we love more than beer is our customers! Balboa’s is truly a place, where everyone knows your name.

The Cook That Can
Runs Tha Block
Braids Tighter Than Your Lifestyle
conno-beer-isseur & co-founder/owner
Can't See Him But Ya Know He's There
Human Teddy Bear & co-founder/owner